11 Best Practical Growth Moves for 2023


We are right at the gate of 2023! What should we look forward to as we enter this new year, and how do we navigate it in the best way possible? In taking a deeper look at how to make this year a major success in diverse ways as an individual, not necessarily ignoring all the external situations that can affect our growth, especially during this anticipated recession [1][2]. Being mindful of these effects on our flow can make us feel some way.

Some of us may experience increased anxiety, feel exhausted, or seek clarity. At the same time, others of us are excited to experience a fresh, clean start, to launch innovative ideas, to sit with a sense of peace or to submerge ourselves in all the extensive global discourse around us, including the likes of advancing technology, global food drive, climate change, renewable energy and human rights.

What does all this mean to you, and how do you even navigate the year to achieve your personal growth?

Here are 11 practical ways you can grow in 2023:

  1. Roll over your checklist

Reflect and refine what you have written in your 2022 intend-to-achieve list. Most times, there would be items you still have to work on. Most of us are there or have been there. Take time out to look at what you were able to accomplish and amend your list accordingly. Trying to reset a more extended list or one that may be challenging to achieve can make us feel like we are not moving on in life.

  1. Be proud of your small wins

Do not wait until you achieve only the important things to be proud of yourself. Celebrate the small wins. This can be completing tasks you planned for a day, getting a breakthrough on a challenging project, managing your finance or even mastering the texture of your carrot cake.

  1. Examine what makes you feel the most peaceful and grounded

It can be challenging for us to come clean on this one for several reasons. We may think it can offend our loved ones and are concerned about being judged, mainly because we are constantly living by societal standards and expectations or perhaps having a genuine fear of adapting something different for our own sake. But take some timeout and really examine how you feel at particular times or with specific people, places or things.

  1. Try to reduce the temptation of beating up yourself

Yes, do not beat yourself up. You now have new information about how to do some things differently, and you should not blame yourself for what you did not know before. Be ready to take on the year and persevere.

  1. Invest some time in your growth

Based on where you are in life, in terms of your growth, you may need to acquire some knowledge to support skills development. This is all about investing your time (and money if needs be) to gather more information about a specific interest to strengthen yourself. The internet is your best friend!

  1. Do at least one good every day of your life

Be intentional about it. This can be the smallest of things, such as helping someone with a small task or even complimenting someone. You will be surprised how much this means to them. Doing good each day sets a foundation to receive good in your life.

  1. Take control of your energy

Always remember that you have choices, and you are in control. Allowing others to dominate your energy space will lead to burnout and frustration. Say no when you have to and enjoy your moments.

  1. Identify areas of learning and take them one at a time

No rush! Whatever you plan to learn, seek to understand it. Especially if it involves expanding a skill you are already good at. There was a reason why you wanted to do it in the first place. Perhaps you are naturally talented in a particular skill. However, there are always layers to many things; identifying those layers and developing yourself can be highly beneficial. Just keep learning…the world will be open to you.

  1. Upkeep good healthy practices

This is keeping up with food choices and mental and physical activities that are meaningful to our bodies. Self-love is the most powerful. Reduce your stress levels as much as you can. Think about it! If you cannot function, then you are not able to do things for yourself and anyone. Unfortunately, for most of us, our culture has taught us to be more external, which negatively affects our daily approach to life. We become more active in doing everything for everyone except for ourselves.

  1. Enjoy moments among the trees, water – the earth

It is therapeutic. Take some time to dabble in nature and hear the birds and all the other beautiful sounds around you. Notice the trees and their beautiful shapes and flowers. Allow the animals to go about their business and take a step back.

  1. Enjoy nothingness

Yes, nothingness! Bask in pure peace as much as you can. Just breathe. You are doing things as you please on your terms.

Seek professional help where you need to.

Whether you follow these suggestions or have your own, make it a priority to take action.

You will be surprised how you implement and thrive in 2023.

Remember always to ensure that you are safe during these experiences.



[1] The World Bank – Risk of Global Recession in 2023 Rises Amid Simultaneous Rate Hikes. 

[2] UN News – Global economy: Outlook worsens as global recession looms – IMF. 

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