About your organisation’s strategic objectives

Are you stuck on your objectives and cannot determine the next move?

Let us explore how to get through this!

When an organisation’s strategic objectives are created, the highest outlook of the organisation is depicted here, what we can safely call the big picture. Because the big picture has much depth, it now asks us to look at each strategic objective and break it into small pieces.

The small pieces then help us to take a deeper look into what exactly we want out of each strategic objective. This means asking the question – what do we truly want to do to help the organisation to achieve its focus?

Identifying the organisation’s objectives and taking action to help achieve these objectives can be critical, mainly because the activities can then be used to measure performance.

Here are three simple steps to help:

Step 1: Identify the organisation’s strategic objectives.

These are developed to understand what needs to be achieved. They can be categorised into operational, financial, marketing, social responsibilities, employee development, or any other focus the organisation has over the long term. These objectives are aligned with the organisation’s vision and mission.

Step 2: Decide the strategic objectives to focus on within a specific period.

This is choosing those objectives to be the focus and then thinking about what you intend to do to achieve them. This is then used to create the action needed to achieve the objectives.

Step 3: Take the necessary action.

A process where the objectives are used to decide the actions to implement. Asking the question – what do I need to do? What are some things that will help? This involves thinking critically about the activities that will make it possible to fulfil the specific objectives.

Always ensure that whatever action you choose will enable achieving the objectives. Each organisation will have its focus and objectives in its context. Sometimes, teams may have too many objectives, which can become problematic or unrealistic for the necessary resources to implement.

Tip: Spending sufficient time during the objective-setting process is critical to establish meaningful ones for the organisation. This will save significant time, money, expertise and other resources.

Improvement takes time.

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