How to Unlock & Thrive


When the word ‘unlock’ comes to mind, we might immediately imagine aspects of life being released, relaxed, and free. We may also think about restrictions, being on-point or even being inflexible because unlocking feels like releasing something that has kept us in bondage for a long time.

Here is how to Unlock and Thrive

  • Take a moment to think about you

In thinking about you personally and professionally, you should explore what else is there about you. From a personal perspective, this may feel challenging just because you go through your daily life without thinking about this. Although you may represent a professional portfolio, you are also filled with other skills and knowledge you might need to utilise in your role. You feel desperate to use that hidden side of you. At times this can be a battle mainly because, at some point in life, you may feel the need to be more on the opposite side of you, the side you want to know more about, the side you want to make visible and may think that you are trapped to go there entirely.

  • Write your ideas

When new ideas pop up, write them down. You can look back at what you have written and realise that you can move towards creating something. Each time you revisit the idea, there will almost always be more to add to the creation, and before you realise what you have been doing, you are ready to launch your new big idea to the world. Please do not stop here; keep writing ideas each time it comes around, and you realise it makes suitable for other creations or developing the current ones.

  • Work with your deep inner feeling

That strong sense of wanting to do something different or adding another aspect to what you are already doing takes you over. It can be an absolutely confusing moment to make a decision. During these moments, staying calm and allowing solutions to come your way is best. This is your gut feelings, that thing, that intuition, that haunting feeling or idea. Trust it; it is your higher power of being speaking to you.

  • Move in silence

This a powerful one and can make you feel guilty whenever you decide to move quietly along with your plan. See, what makes moving in silence so powerful is that you have decided to put your ideas together and test some things before you invite others to know what you are doing or intend to do. During this action, it is in no way an encouragement to not seek support if you need to, but instead, you may feel it necessary to go alone and put your ideas together of how you want to progress. So, after you are satisfied, you have set your ideas as you envision; at this point, you may invite others to your plan.

  • Capture the experience

Whatever you are doing, allow yourself to be in the ‘now’ of it. This may allow you to absorb the experience and reflection wholly. It is only when you are intentional then you have a chance to experience from different perspectives. This can be life-changing because you may realise that you have been overlooking something that can positively affect your life.

Capturing life’s experience is like that mental or visual log that stores some of your most memorable moments.

  • Add some flexibility when necessary

When there is a need to take an approach to a particular task or request, this may feel challenging at times because you have set strict rules to deal with specific matters. What does flexibility look like to you? Is it about your time, money, or other resources? You choose. Build it into your context and take a natural approach that is easy for you to maintain. Whenever you need to flex, think about why you want to do it, and the honest answer will be your guide to whether you can handle it and how much you will allow. Whatever your decision is, be comfortable about it.

  • What about your security

Security, in this sense, speaks to the personal, financial and other forms of protection you aim to achieve in your journey to unlock and thrive. You may want to explore your living environment, support system and sustainable income. Health security is critical too. As the famous saying goes, your health is your wealth. As you examine your security, you may realise it is time to take action.

  • Persevere

This is also tough, but you will be proud of yourself soon. The more you want to progress, you realise that it takes a consistent push to get there, like the Mountain Goats – always determined to climb to the highest peak. Because there is a need to be consistent, you may feel burnout but whenever you experience this, reduce the load to small pieces at a time until you get back to regular speed. However, never ignore your feelings and total capacity to move forward.

To unlock and thrive, as we can see, may require us to take a deeper look at ourselves, explore our hidden talents and see how best we can use them to improve. One can never tell how significant a life-changing experience it may be. Be bold and take your chances to unlock and thrive.

Improvement takes time.

Please look out for the next article!

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