Power of your Colours


Guess you never really thought about it, except to pull on your colours and keep moving. Well, we will learn that there is much more going on than merely wearing colours and let you know that you have been sending off power vibes to the known. How you interact with your colours also depends on your culture, beliefs and experiences.

We are fascinated by the beautiful array of colours we see daily and sometimes wonder how it came about. In modern times we add much creativity and display some of the most alluring combinations we have ever seen.

The study of colours spanned many fields, including fine arts, painting, optics, physiology, mathematics and visual psychology. It is also categorised into primary, secondary and tertiary colours. In the 17th century, red was considered the lightest and blue the darkest shade. As time evolved, this was found inaccurate, and deeper experiments were done to change this. Hence today, we have an array of beautiful colours to mix and match and benefit from the power they transmit.

Let’s explore the Power of your Colour.


Associated with Rebirth and Mystery | Power | Formality |Stability | Shows maturity | Truth | Sophistication | Prosperity | Elegance – popularly used for sleek designs | Strength | Formal | Feeling secured and protected |Seductive

Black is associated with: Friday, Saturday.



Associated with Purity | Peace | Helps you to take a new approach to your situation | Innocence | Good luck |Simplicity | Cleanliness | Perfection | Goodness |Openness | Hope | Elegance | Positive | Optimism | Open-minded

White is associated with: Sunday, Monday, Friday



Associated with trust | Peace and love | Tapping into your emotions | Feeling secure | loyal | Calm | Inner stability | Authority | Being conservative | Reliable | Confident | Positively impact the mind | Patience | Soothing

Blue is associated with: Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday.



Associated with life | Love and Passion | Determination |Ambition | Action-oriented – get things done | Courage | Power | Good Fortune | Prosperity | Youthful |Confidence | Warmth | Positivity |Increase enthusiasm | Seductive

Red is associated with: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.



A connection to nature | Indicates growth | New beginnings | Vitality | Harmony | Wealth |Movement | Self-reliance | Balance | Hope | Generosity | Calm | Connected to our feelings | Peace | Foster togetherness | Ambition

Green is associated with: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.



Associated with your creativity | Imagination | Connects to your higher wisdom | Wealth | Welcoming | Kindness | Feeling uplifted | Compassion | Fearless | Optimistic | Wisdom | Feeling encouraged | Leadership | Maturity | Peace

Purple is associated with: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.



Associated with wisdom | Intelligence | Stability | One’s dignity |Neutral | Conservative | Peace | Reliability |Maturity | Insightful | Reserved | Having boundaries | Serenity |Leadership |Soothing |Self discipline

Gray is associated with: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.



Is of the Sun, the bright light | Colour of happiness | Radiates joy | Warmth | Brings out your child-like qualities of fun | Helps with creativity | Hope | Royalty | Optimism | Stimulating | Enthusiasm | Confidence | Promotes logical thinking

Yellow is associated with: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.



Associated with being grounded | Stability | Feeling safe |Being conservative | Reliable | Loyal | Connection with inner peace | Supports decision making | Inspires | Cheery | Symbolizes Love | Modesty |Neutral | Practical

Tan is associated with: Saturday, Sunday.



Associated with high energy | Warmth | Represent growth | Enthusiasm | Stimulates creativity | Boosts communication | Helps you to adopt a good attitude | Support solutions | Fun | Courage | Happiness

Orange is associated with: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.



Associated with stability |Dependability |Honesty | Protection | Simplicity | Wisdom| Loyalty| | Courage | Gratitude | Integrity | Presence | Moving forward | Organised | Security | Respectful |Friendly | Sincere | Genuine

Brown is associated with: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

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So friends, the colour you wear on a particular day may support your intentions and even allow you some good luck. Another exciting way to approach the colour benefits is to arrange your colours for the week, depending on your schedule and how you are inspired or intend to inspire others.

Bear in mind, however, in some cultures; colours can have both positive and negative meanings as much as the extreme opposite of what you know them to be.

Make the best choice according to the colours you are most drawn to and what you want to communicate and enjoy.

Improvement takes time.

Please look out for the next article!


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